After losing my dad last March 2020 and Covid hitting it’s been so hard for our family, especially my mom. We all got together and decided to get a puppy for my mom. Vicky had the perfect Yorkiepoo for her and it’s the first time I’ve seen her smile and have a twinkle in her eyes since losing dad. Vicky went above and beyond to make this special for my mom and I and she has taught us so much! We’ve made a new friend and mom has a sweet companion that will be loved to pieces by all of us. I plan to be back in the future to get my special baby from Vicky. I love that she cares so much about her puppies and cares even more about placing them in a good home. Her placements are ultimately her choice and I’m so happy I found her and we made a great connection. Vicky exceeded my expectations and in my book, she’s the best!!! ……..Her pups are pretty special too.